Masalta MR60H Tamping Rammer

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Model - MR60H 
Engine Type - HONDA GX100, Petrol 
Power kw(hp) - 2.2(3.0) 
Weight kg(lb) - 60(132) 
Impact Force kN - 10.7 
Jumping Stroke mm(in) - 50-85(2-3.4) 
Fuel Tank L - 2.8 
Shose size mm(in) - 338*265(13*10) 

MASALTA Rammers are designed to deal with tough site conditions. They're well balanced, easy to operate and have excellent maneuverability in trenches and around pipes. The tamping rammer series is designed for compacting cohesive soils, such as clay and silt in tight repair jobs and in narrow confined areas, such as trenches or housing job sites. They're also great for open areas of asphalt, sand and gravel. 

~The 4-stroke Honda GX100 petrol engine is specially designed for rammers. No need to mix fuel and oil, easy to start, low-noise operation, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption compared to 2-stroke engines. 
~This powerful Honda engine is ideal for handling any demanding compaction application, including landscaping, electrical and plumbing contractor jobs. 
~The heavy-duty throttle control is built to last for the life of the machine. 
~The guide handle offers a highly engineered shock mount system to improve operator comfort. 
~An innovative engine side cover protects recoil starter from debris. 
~Calibrated and perfectly balanced to deliver ideal compaction with controlled jumping motions without affecting the impact force. 
~An additional built-in air filtration system, coupled with the original air cleaners, provide super clean air to the engine, prolonging the rammer's life and improving durability. 
~A rust free tank offers dramatically longer life. 
~The laminated wood and steel shoe combines to absorb and withstand the most vibration shock. 
~The high-quality, German-made polyurethane bellow is rated for more compaction force and provides an extremely well-lubricated system. 

1 year commerical return to base warranty.  This item ships to your nearest Toll Depot.  If unsure or if you prefer another depot just email us.

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