Masalta MS60-4 62KG Plate Compactor

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This plate compactor is our most popular seller! We sell a lot of these plate compactors to hire companies across NZ and also to contractors. You can add a bit of extra weight to this plate compactor with the water tank.  This plate compactor is ideal for house and buildings sites and trench compaction.

Engine: Honda GX160 4 stroke
Power: 5.5HP
Operation Mass: 62kg
Frequency vpm: 5600
Centrifugal Force: 10.5kn
Compaction Depth: 200mm
Travel Speed: 40cm/s
Efficiency: 450 m2/h

-Foldable handle for easy transportation and stock
-Open plate provides self cleaning
-Built-in wheel for easy transporation
-Radius base plate for easy access to corners
-Sealed belt cover to prevent sand soil in
-Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to upper engine & handle
-Throttle control equipped
-Protective frame equipped
-Water tank equipped 

1 year commerical return to base warranty.  This item ships to your nearest Toll Depot.  If unsure or if you prefer another depot just email us.

Our plate compactors are long-lasting, reliable, and built to compact all kinds of material, including dirt, gravel, stone and asphalt.   Our Plate compactors are easy to move around the jobsite. Whether you are a large construction company that requires a plate compactor on every foundation and driveway, or just compacting for the occasional patio or walkway project, we have the right plate compactor for your job.  Select from our easy to transport, forward only models which are great for tight spaces; or our larger, heavy-duty, reversible compactors, that can handle any tough job quickly and efficiently. No matter what your compaction requirements are, hiring over and over again does not make sense when you can buy a Masalta compactor.  It pays for itself after a few jobs!

We service what we sell and we aim to have 100% parts on hand. 

Nicholls Machinery have been supplying construction products to contractors and hire companies throughout New Zealand for over 40 years. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. 

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