Masalta MC8 Scarifying Machine

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Masalta Scarifying Machine with Electric Engine

The Masalta Scarifier is a versatile machine ideal for most surfaces and coatings. Our strong and reliable MC8 Scarifying machine (also called floor planner, floor scarifying, milling machinery or surface preparation machine) is ideal for concrete, asphalt and steel surfaces. Using Masalta manufactured tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters. This machine can be used for: 

* Adding grip to Cow Sheds 
* Sidewalk repair 
* Coating removal 
* Floor preparation or cleaning 
* Creating non-slip surface 
* Traffic marking removal 
* Concrete joints and uneven surface grinding 

* Cutting depth adjustment 
* Sturdy handle 
* Front mounting lifting handle makes for easy transporting 
* Anti-vibration mounts mean it's comfortable to operate 
* Powder coated finish 
* Dust control outlet 
* Easy-control engine stop switch 
* 3/4" hexagonal drive shaft and sealed quality bearing ensure this machine gets a long life 

Working Width - 200mm / 8" 
Engine - Masalta Electric Engine
This machine comes with a M200 cage assembly (see 2nd photo) 

The key to successful floor scarifying is performing multiple small cut passes rather then trying to take huge amounts in a single pass.  Single phase electric scarifiers are limited by the motor power output and removing 2-4mm per pass is often more realistic while the gasoline powered machines can removed up to 6mm but are not ideal indoors. Maintaining drum RPM is important and successful operations will quickly recognise if they are overloading the unit or can set their depth of cut deeper.

Each scarifier features a vacuum attachment port which is important for minimising dust pollution.  

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Out of Stock